Greta's Newest Friends

Greta & Maddie, our neighbor's new puppy. She surprisingly seemed unphased by the needle-sharp puppy teeth that gnawed on her little fingers and ears. Greta & Her Cousin, Ella -- They're just getting to the age where they're interested in each other and are starting to play with one another. Here they are having a bake-off, showing the other who's the better chef.
Greta & Mama's Friend, Paula -- This is one of my friends that I don't see often enough, but when I do, I feel like we just pick up right where we last left off. I was so excited for Greta to meet her. I want Greta to grow up learning that friends like Paula are priceless!


Things to Do

I'm behind on quite a few things... Need to:

  1. Finish writing thank you notes for Greta's birthday gifts
  2. Blog about Greta's birthday
  3. Post photos of Greta digging into cake
  4. Blog about so many other things
  5. Stop spending time making lists of what I need to do and instead just DO some of those things on the things to do list.



This hallway -- it leads to the special care nursery at Missouri Baptist. After having Greta, I remained in the hospital for about a week while the doctor's worked on getting my blood pressure under control. Post-C-section, I slowly walked it multiple times a day to visit Greta. I was in a lot of pain from having my abs cut open and reassembled, but I would have ran this hallway, if I had to. It was like a race, and the prize awaiting at the end was far better than any gold medal or other honor.

This evening marks a year to the date, that I walked this long hallway for the last time.

Here we are, outside the hospital just before going to pick up Greta to bring her home!It was Sunday, July 20, 2008. I HAD to take my notorious "self-portrait" because I just HAD to document us as just two. In just a short time, we'd be three. We were so darn giddy that we were bringing home our baby!

A year ago tonight, we disconnected all the wires and monitors that Greta had been attached to for 14 days.

We carefully dressed her in a tiny preemie outfit about the size of Eric's hand. She didn't even weigh 5 pounds. We packed up all her little things, and we prayed she wouldn't cry on the ride home. (She didn't). I yelled at Eric the entire ride home. Of course. I sat in the back seat with Greta. I kept telling Eric to slow down. And to drive better. WE HAD A BABY IN THE CAR, DAMNIT.

Our camera broke while we were at the hospital packing up Greta. Anyone who knows me and how obsessed I am with photography knows that put me in a little tizzy.

Luckily, just before calling it quits, the camera went out with a bang. Here's one of my favorite photos of my entire life.

This message is scattered because I've written it so quickly. I've got a beautiful baby sleeping in her crib and a husband out on our deck, who is waiting with wine and cheese so that we can celebrate our little family at home.


Happy Birthday, Greta

Greta turned one today. It was a beautiful day and we celebrated lots. I'm too tired to write anything meaningful right now, so instead, I'm going to share a poem of sorts that I found in a scrapbooking store a few months ago. (It's by Creative Imaginations.) Until I can piece together a better entry, I think this says it perfectly...

Dear You,

Your story is one which starts at home in the hearts that love you.

On this special day, you entered the world.

The beginning of the first chapter in which your novel begins.

All the paths of your future and your past began on this day.

This day is dedicated to you and your life.

On this day, we reminisce and relive the special moments along the way as part of who you are.

We loved you instantly, yet more strongly with every minute that passes.

So it is with joy and celebration that we embrace this day and celebrate the journey of who you are and who you dream to become.

Most of all we are thankful for the gift of you.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, baby girl. Thank you for the best year of my life!


When It All Started

Today marked one year since I was admitted to the antepartum unit and placed on hospital bedrest. July 3, 2008. My blood pressure was out of control and my doctors wanted to monitor me and the baby.

I remember going to the ob's office that morning for a routine 33-week appointment. I was really swollen and was sick of going to work and being uncomfortable. At that time, I didn't realize that the reason I felt so crappy was because I had preeclampsia. I secretly hoped that upon examining my tight, swollen skin on my legs and (c)ankles, my doctor would tell me I couldn't return to work. (I hated my job.)

Never did I expect that instead the doctors would insist I go down a floor and be admitted into the hospital. To say the least, it was a stressful time. I didn't cry because, to be honest, I was in shock more than I was in fear. Complete shock. I wasn't supposed to be having a baby until August 18th.

A couple times today as I was busy making decorations for Greta's upcoming first birthday party, I couldn't help but pause and take a few moments to appreciate the many blessings of this past year and realizing the the full circle I'm quickly rounding.
And I cannot help but think that if I would have known then what I could have possibly been losing - this little spunky girl that has become my whole world - there's no doubt in my mind that I would have been uncontrollably devastated and afraid.