Greta's favorite thing: her "kee" ...
She drags this blanket EVERY WHERE.
She's like a little Linus.
Unfortunately, the manufacturer no longer makes these blankets.
I have searched high and low for this damn blanket.
I placed two separate orders from two separate online companies,
only for each company to later contact me
to inform me that the blanket was out of stock.
I was lucky enough to locate one of the blankets on eBay.
It was used, but a little detergent and OxiClean fixes up anything.
And then, I hit the motherload, my friends!
I found TWO BRAND NEW ONES on eBay!!
Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo!
Now, fine, whatever.  You can read this and think WHO CARES?
Well, don't read my blog then, for one.
But, secondly, you obviously have never had a child so attached
to a material object that you would hunt down extras
to save your own ass.
We now have four, and I think we're all set.
One's constantly with Greta.
One's constantly in the laundry.
One's hanging in the closet, still in packaging.
One is hanging out around the house somewhere.
The things we do for love, right?