Teddy had his follow-up MRI today.
We hope to meet with the neurologist in the morning
to discuss where to go from here.

I've never been a patient person.
Like most people in our culture,
I want things NOW. Instant gratification. Bam.
This experience is teaching me the importance of patience.
Like it or not.
I'm trying to learn to embrace the quiet moments of waiting
where there's nothing else to do but try your best to trust.
I'm trying.


Unknown said...

Knock Knock... reality here... you will never be a patient person when it comes to your children's needs! EVER!

Anonymous said...

you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.....

friends in st. louis, readers of me? a mom?

jessica, lucy and emmett

Nicole said...

He is so gorgeous. As alwasys thinking of you all XOXO!