Something Recent

Since becoming pregnant (almost a year ago), I haven't had much interest in scrapbooking. Well, let me rephrase that -- it's not that I'm completely uninterested while pregnant; it's moreso that I'm not in the mood to tote around my scrappy stuff while cranky, hormonal and ever-growing. I just don't feel very creative when pregnant.

The other night, I mustered up the courage to produce something for submission for consideration as a design team member. Here's one of the layouts I came up with. It's nothing fancy, but I wanted to do something simple and quick.

I've got so many photos of this little guy, so I'm really hoping I get back in the creative groove soon so that I can start telling his story while it's still fresh in my mind.


Baby Smiles

Laughs and coos.
Melts my heart.
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