How We Celebrated Greta's 4th

We played at Chuck E. Cheese's.

We had a Rapunzel birthday cake that mama made.

We tried on our gifts.

We bounced with our friends at Bounce U.

We dressed up like a princess.

We blew out the candles on our pink cake made by Mimi but refused to eat it.

We were happy and silly.



Teddy receives occupational, physical, and speech therapies through our state's early intervention program as well as through providers through our own insurance. We do physical therapy twice a week, occupational therapy every other week and speech therapy twice a week. Here's Teddy playing in shaving cream with his occupational therapist and then here he is playing in the laundry basket with his physical therapist.


Happy 4th Birthday, Greta!

Greta Laine turns FOUR tomorrow! FOUR! It's hard to believe that this was her just shortly after she was born. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, and then sometimes it seems so long ago.