What's up, Internet?!? Lots new here, especially since the last time I blogged. I'm proud to announce that Teddy has been walking on his own for the past three months. He's still in physical therapy twice a week, and we're still doing our weekly gymnastics class as well. He is starting to offer more and more spontaneous speech, although it is still definitely delayed and limited. He started taking a three-hour class called "Chatterbox," and I think it's been helpful. In addition to the class, he has one-on-one speech therapy as well. Last fall, Teddy did hippotherapy (horse therapy), and just last week he started riding horses again.

As for Greta, well... Greta is a pistol. She frequently gets in trouble at pre-school, and she recently told us that she "likes to be naughty." We could read every parenting book out there and still feel like there wasn't one to match up to Greta and her antics. At this point, we're still on the fence whether she will go to kindergarten this coming year or the following. I won't begin to list on here the reasons why we might keep her back because it seems that everyone has a strong opinion about the matter, and I love love love it when people think they know what is best for MY child.

This is us in a nutshell. Soon I hope to post some photos of shining happy faces!