I keep a little list that I've titled, "Things I Love About You," and one day, when I get around to getting back to scrapbooking, I plan to incorporate this list. My most recent favorite thing that Greta has done?

The other evening, we were driving home from Mimi and Poppy's house, and Greta was tired. She was fighting sleep, and she started crying at a stoplight. I reached my arm back so that I could plug her binky back in her little mouth, and she grabbed onto my hand and held it tightly. It was too sweet, and I couldn't help but drive the next two miles home with my left arm steering the wheel and my right arm extended to the car seat behind me.

Oh, how I love love love this little girl.


Me? A Mom? said...

awww is right!

And it will only get better with each passing day. Wait until she hugs you for the first time or presses her cheek to your face and says, "Love."

Barb said...

I can say that I remember those days....enjoy them. She's beautiful! We'll have to get together---do another black & white shower?