Random Daily Observations

If you feed your baby canned beef meat, and it smells like dog food BEFORE consumption, it will still smell like dog food after it's burped up and on your shirt.

If you're going to have your naked baby on carpeted floor, be prepared for a potty accident.

Andrea, are you f-in' stupid? Yep, I'm sure that's what you're thinking as you're reading this. Because, if I were reading your blog, I'm sure I'd be thinking something similar. I'm going to blame the stupidity on the sleep deprivation of last week. Yep, er, that's my excuse.

Greta's got a bit of diaper rash, so we've been having naked time for a few moments each day, as air is supposedly the best remedy for diaper rash. I usually set Greta on a few blankets and towels in case she pees while naked. That hasn't been so efficient the past few instances of airing-out-the-baby-booty. For one, Greta is moving like a worm and quickly moves herself off the "potty mat" and onto the carpet. Two, I guess I've been silly to underestimate the amount of bodily fluids that can come out of a little baby -- because apparently, a towel and a couple blankets aren't enough layers to keep the pee from getting to the carpet. Just a few moments ago, I heard Greta grunting, her familiar sounds indicating she's pooping. Or thinking about it. And there popped out poop, onto the blanket.

For the record, Eric, there's no poop on the carpet, and I'm going to soak up the pee and clean the carpet so it's good as new.

Just as soon as I'm done tinkering on Facebook.


Unknown said...

LOL you crack me up. I love reading your blog!