I keep meaning to post more about Greta's birthday -- maybe some photos and maybe a little 411 on how we celebrated the big day. Truth is, we just keep getting further and further from the date (July 6), so I keep putting off writing about it.

Here's a little "taste" -- a little look-see at the invitations I made for Greta's first birthday party. The theme was ice cream. Greta loves ice cream, and frankly, so do Eric and I. (Um, who doesn't like ice cream? Well, I'll answer that -- Greta's Poppy doesn't like ice cream, but that is because he exercises, eats well and makes other healthful lifestyle choices. And he's trim and in shape. Skinny people don't like ice cream. Fat people do. Well, fat people and apparently children. I digress...)

It took me quite a bit of time to make these invitations. Lots of time shopping for the perfect paper, cutting and gluing and all that. Thank God for my mother-in-law. She likes to get her craft on every once in a while. I think the time spent was well worth it. In the end, I was quite proud of the result.

In fact, I was so proud of my invitations that I decided to enter my work into a contest. And guess what!?! I won! There's a little shop called Impress Rubber Stamps. I sent them one of my invitations, and a few weeks later, I was greeted by a surprise package at my front door. I'm not sure what I was more excited about -- the fun contents of the box or the fact that I'd won something!