Dog Days of Summer

One of our favorite ways to bid farewell to summer is to take Payton swimming at the local pool. Prior to draining the swimming pool for the season, the Arnold Pool hosted a doggie swim. Picture lots of dogs running around off-leash -- fetching balls, chasing one another, their tails wagging their bodies in excitment. The thrill of the abundance of rumps to sniff! Doggie bliss!

Excited dogs who run too fast don't make for good photography.

Greta seemed to enjoy watching all the crazy dogs running around.

See how tuckered out Payton is?
That's what happens when you fetch a ball for an hour straight.

Mama & Greta chose to stay dry and watch the *festivities* instead of participating.

**Festivities were not limited to dog-watching at the doggie swim.
Sometimes there's people to be watched as well.