My photo binders for my Library of Memories class.
I love the idea of getting organized,
but it's tempting to say eff-it
and no longer take photos.
Anyone who knows me, however, knows that will never happen.
I'm a picture addict! Always have been!
I think it might have something to do with the fact
that there are hardly any photos of me as a baby and young child.
I am the youngest of four girls and am lucky to have been fed and clothed.
My baby book is empty, and I know it's not because
I was loved any less than my three older sisters.
I know that my mom had other priorities than filling out silly baby books.
So I think that's what drives my obsession.
Should I leave this earth tomorrow, I've done my best
to tell Greta her story so she can read it when she's older.
I plan on being here for quite a while though.
And doing a lot more photo-taking and scrapbook-making.


Barb said...

Where did you get your binders? Inquiring minds want to know.

dre said...

They are Pioneer 3-Up albums that I purchased off http://www.scrapbooks.com. I love them!