32 & Pregnant

Wondering... Why is it that the five-and-a-half month prego chick on 16 & Pregnant can go to dance practice and be a high school cheerleader, and I, six months pregnant, can barely get my ass off the couch without a struggle?


OCDena said...


I was 16 and pregnant once... and I couldnt move either from being so sick with diabetes, PIH and then toxemia... it happens to the best of up.

16 or 32!

But you made me laugh!

nmassie218 said...

LMAO! This made me smile! I agree with the previous comment, I was 19 when I was pregnant with Timothy and I still couldn't get my ass off the couch!

P.S. I LOVE watching 16 and pregnant. I can't get over some of those girls!