The Difference of A Year

It's funny. I'm still wearing the same size pants, and my hair is the same color and length. I've added no new words to my vocabulary and haven't learned a single new skill (unless you count wrangling a toddler AND a newborn).  My attitude hasn't deviated much. 

Unlike HERS which has gone from complete sweetness to a mixture of sugary, spicy sassiness. She's grown. She's no longer a baby. She was in a size 12-18 months at the start of the year, and she's now wearing a size 3T. Her hair has grown from the uneven baby 'do to a cute bob that can be worn in pigtails. Her vocabulary is in turbo-charge mode. She speaks complete thoughts and sentences, and she's continusouly amazing us with what a littler PERSON she's developing into. 

The biggest change? She's now a big sister!

And this little peanut... At the start of the year, we didn't even know about him yet! Each month he grew bigger, and in late August, he entered this world, and our lives were forever changed. He's now 4 months-old and quickly approaching 14 pounds. He coos and smiles and laughs and melts my heart a gazillion times a day. He's absolutely perfect. If, on last New Year's Eve, you would have told me I'd have a son the following year, I would have laughed. I never imagined this, I never could have. But now, I can't imagine it any other way. What a difference a year makes. Indeed.


Unknown said...

Both are beautiful! Keep coming down on Tuesday nights. I will expand your vocab!