Toddler Girl

Here's Greta. Learning to play soccer. This is what we do on our Saturdays as of late. Well, I should technically say what Daddy and Greta do while Mama catches her breath with some free time apart from TODDLER girl.

Speaking of Toddler Girl. Oh man, oh my. She's a thousand miles a minute, and some times I have a hard time keeping up. She talks in complete sentences and carries complete conversations. She knows what she wants and what she does not. She'll be three years old in just two short months, and I'm just now working on filling out her baby book. This task has magnified the fact that time has flown. It's also made clear that there's so much I can't remember -- like who starred in what popular movies of the time and what were the world's most influential political and religious leaders of the time. I can't remember details, but I still remember moments. And right now, I'm trying to hold tightest to the Greta Girl moments and, as to not lose my sanity and affinity for my baby girl, I'm trying my best to kick aside many of the Toddler Girl moments.