After the Strippers Leave

I love 12-hour crops. It's the best way for me to get some scrapbooking done. Because once I dig all my crap out, I want to make it worth my while. Cropping for just a few hours just doesn't work well for me because, well -- it takes me a couple hours just to get into my groove and get started! I need that chunk of time if I have any hopes of accomplishing any thing.

I know a lot of people (my husband included) don't "get" what scrapbookers do for 12 hours. (And my answer to that? Well, honey, it's just the same as you sitting on your ass on a Sunday and watching football ALL.DAY.LONG.) My friend's husband insists that we have strippers come to the crop, and that "scrapbooking" is just a COVER for our scandalous activities. Like, we spend 10 hours drooling over sweaty nasty ding-dongs and shoving wadded-up ones down dirty g-strings? (Barf.) And then we scurry around the last couple hours gluing pictures to paper just to make it appear like we got something done.

Ahh, MEN. They'll never understand our need for some child-free time, all to ourselves, and moreso, they'll never understand that IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT SEX.

I digress.

Here are some layouts I did at a recent crop. They're not my proudest pieces of work, but I'm okay with them. My favorite is the one-pager of my sister, Cynthia, and me sitting on Santa's lap back in 1978. Look closely, and you'll notice Santa's eyes are shut. I like that. It makes the photo all that more interesting. I have yet to embellish the page, nor have I come up with a title. I'm considering: Drunk Santa? Sleepy Santa? Santa Hearts Eggnog?


Joey Fortman said...

I love your new blog layout!! I follow you in my google reader-so I never get to see the real sites.. till I come to respond!

I am soo jealous about your cropping. Girl-I am SOO behind! I haven't cropped since B's birthday.. IN MAY!!!!! Bad bad bad.

Hope u are great! Love your site! =)