Me @ 32

I turned 32 this past Sunday. The day was great. I rang in the day early with some pinot grigio. Slept off wine-induced headache while husband got up with Greta. Woke up and was greeted by "Happy Birthday" serenades from Eric, holding Greta -- and a plate of a delicious slice of carrot cake. We watched Greta unload her St. Nick's goodies from her stocking. St. Nick brought her the Little People nativity set. Greta chucked the angel and Baby Jesus three feet and dug for the Twinkies instead. I opened presents from Eric and Greta -- a new photo printer that I'd been eyeing for a couple months! I later napped. Then we went to Kimmswick's Christmas Festival, where Greta met Santa for the first time. She didn't like him. We later went to dinner. The day was good.

And here's a gross picture of me. Why do I dare post such a thing, you ask? Who would put such a photo on their blog and ADMIT to looking like that? Me. This is me, shortly after waking up on my 32nd birthday. I'd drank a bottle and a half of wine the evening before, stayed up until 3 a.m. and was a little, um, tired. I'm holding a little Hallmark washing machine Christmas ornament. Each year, I buy an ornament that represents our life that past year. And this washing machine -- SO MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. I do a load or two of laundry a day. Really. I don't know what people with big families do. Wear dirty underwear?

So. I am always writing about Greta and where she's at in the stage of her life, so I thought I'd write about me a bit. I think it will be interesting to look back on in a couple years. There are things I'm proud of; things I'd like to change; things that are what they are...


  • recently declared pizza as my favorite food.

  • drink way too much diet Dr. Pepper and not enough water.

  • am contemplating having braces put on my teeth again because they're crooked.

  • have yet to officially side with one political party over the other.

  • voted Democrat in the last election but secretly kinda liked Sarah Palin after watching her go rogue on Oprah.

  • hate unloading the dishwasher and putting away laundry.

  • clean my own house but would love to have a cleaning person. Or a personal assistant.

  • used to take a bath every day but now shower instead.

  • "fight" with my husband over who showers last because the last person has to squee-gee the shower.

  • brush my teeth in the shower. (Is that weird?)

  • often think of high school friends that I haven't seen in forever.

  • drive a Honda CRV. It's black.

  • keep a clean car.

  • wish I knew how to play the violin.

  • am not grossed out by my child's poop or boogers.

  • like hot wings.

  • am not a fan of the taste of beer.

  • recently became certified in First Aid and CPR.

  • got two speeding tickets this past year.

  • still love a good handwritten, heartfelt note.

  • am obsessed with crossword puzzles.

  • use Dove bar soap.

  • hate sitting still to have my nails done but still have acrylic nails because I like manicured hands and think polish stays on acrylic longer than on my real nails.

  • would love to afford everything at Restoration Hardware. Silver Sage makes me happy.

  • wish my house were smaller.

  • love my black Lab, Payton.

  • pray to God but never go to church.

  • cuss too much.

  • really want to become a better photographer.

  • want to learn more about investments.

  • wish I had more money.

  • wish I liked to run/jog.

  • stay up too late at night.

  • am not a morning person.

  • wish my hair was thicker.

  • wish I had prettier skin and not so many adult blemishes.

  • hate shopping.

  • am not into jewelry.

  • love monogrammed and personalized things.

  • don't work out but need to.

  • am overweight.

  • don't smoke.

  • drink rarely.

  • like white wine even though I'm fully aware that reds are so much more... sophisticated. ;-)

  • would like to get blepharoplasty on my eyelids.

  • love naps.

  • think sleep fixes most everything.

  • would seriously consider a minivan for my next vehicle purchase.

  • enjoy going to the movies all by myself.

  • have breastfed for 15 months. (Pumped for two!)

  • enjoy people watching.

  • no longer tan in a tanning bed and have grown to like my pale skin.

  • sometimes worry about too many things and often worry about things that are beyond my control.

  • like to cook and am having fun experimenting and getting better at it.

  • am the type of friend I'd like to have.

  • am loyal.

  • am honest.

  • am trustworthy.

  • am real.

  • collect coupons and save abot $20-$30 on an average shopping trip to Target or the supermarket.

  • love my husband even though he is snoring loudly on the couch as I write this.

  • like country music.

  • watch Glee, The Office and Ellen. Not regularly though. I don't like watching TV. Weird, I know.

  • have a masters degree but still don't know what my ideal career is.

  • could scrapbook every day of my life and still not be done telling my story. I have so many to tell, I feel.

  • feel fortunate to have friends who love me for me although I hate that it took me 30 years to get them. I guess that's just life though.

  • feel like I was made to be a mother.

  • constantly strive to be a better person.

  • love to make lists.

  • am happy.


Unknown said...

what a great list, birthday soul sister!!!

Barb said...

Love your list....though we are scarily very much alike.