What do you do when your child throws a full-out tantrum in public?
You take your camera from your pocket and start snapping.
Earlier this evening we went to the gym.
First order of business was to check out the child care facility.
Since I am a stay-at-home mom, Greta's never been in a daycare.
So naturally, I'm a bit concerned
& want to make sure she's okay with me leaving her.
Greta was cool -- the new toys, the fun kids and the nice babysitters...
But then she wanted in my purse,
and I would not let her.
So she threw her entire little 23 lb.-self on the floor.
And me, germ-conscious as all get-out,
watched as she buried her face into the carpet
right where everyone (and their FILTHY! shoes) entered the room.
(What can you do?)

I ignored her at first.
Just as soon as she'd calm down,
she'd look up to see if I was watching, and I wasn't.
But she kept at it, and finally it was just humorous.
So I took photos.
Yes, I WILL show these to boyfriends.