At last.
I purchased an SLR camera!
I really love taking photos,
and the point & shoot was giving me a headache.
Greta moves too quickly to capture any moments.
I like to say those photos taken with the point & shoot
are "artsy" but the truth is, they're off centered, blurry, etc.
because I can't get the kid to sit still.
So I broke down and bought this.
I'd researched cameras for A LONG TIME.
I finally bit the bullet, and seriously,
my hands shook the entire time.
I'd saved my pennies for this splurge,
and even though I was really excited about the purchase,
handing over so much dinero made me quite anxious.
Let's hope the quality of my photos soon improve, right?


Unknown said...

I can copy all the typed notes I have from my photography class I took. It goes over all the features of these cameras in real people talk and also tips etc... Lots of good info.

I am so jealous... I wish I could splurge on one of these...

HisBell said...

Ohhh... I'm jealous too... can't wait to see pics!