This is what a lifetime of
unorganized photographs looks like.

I'm currently enrolled in Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class
The objective is to stop being stressed about scrapping,
to stop trying to play "keep-up" and instead,
scrap your photos in a meaningful way.
The idea is to take photographs and record the memories.
Not every single photo.
(Which is what I had been doing before. Hence, Greta's 9 albums...)

Luckily, I've had my photos organized for the most part,
so this part of the course isn't too daunting.
Unfortunately, I'm about a month behind on class assignments
since I was out of commission for a bit
when hit with strep throat and being exhausted
from the first trimester of pregnancy.
Trying to get up-to-speed now.
And also learning to TAKE LESS DAMN PHOTOS.


Unknown said...

You have 9 albums already for under 2 Greta????? LOL... You know you will have to do the same for baby #2 or else you will hear the rest of your life how you loved Greta more! hahahaaaa