Greta's two favorite things:
her kee and her cup.
Kee = blankie.
Cup = milk.
The child does not leave the house without her kee.
And let me tell you about the "kee."
The blanket is from Babies R Us,
and apparently Cocalo no longer makes it.
I scoured the Internet for them.
I bought one used off eBay.
And yesterday I scored two brand new ones off eBay.
Since she drags them EVERY where, they get so dirty,
so I now have back-ups.
Call me crazy, but this blanket is like a body limb she cannot live without.

As for the cup...
"Cup" means milk.
The girl is a milkaholic.
We've offered her water and juice,
but she wants her CUP CUP CUP!
Milk to Greta is like crack concaine to an addict.
I seriously need to keep a cow in my backyard.