I wonder.

I'm having a baby this week.
This week!

I've got a scheduled c-section.
I know the date, I know the time.
I know the obvious, like
the hospital and the doctor.

I know that he is a boy.
And I know his name.

I know that sometimes he gets hiccups
and he generally is awake from 8-10 at night.
And he might just be a dancer because he likes to move his butt.

There's so much I don't know.
And the surprise of that is invigorating!
I wonder.
Will he have blue eyes like Greta?
Will his hair be red?
Will he have hair?
How long will he be?
How much will he weigh?
Will he look like his daddy at all? (Greta didn't!)
Will his fingers be long?
Will his second toe be longer than the big one?
(It appeared to be during on of the ultrasounds!)

I can't wait to hear him cry
and to hold him
and to fall in love all over again.


Unknown said...

beautiful! i am very excited for you!! blessings for a wonderful week :)