Happy Birthday, Greta

Greta turned one today. It was a beautiful day and we celebrated lots. I'm too tired to write anything meaningful right now, so instead, I'm going to share a poem of sorts that I found in a scrapbooking store a few months ago. (It's by Creative Imaginations.) Until I can piece together a better entry, I think this says it perfectly...

Dear You,

Your story is one which starts at home in the hearts that love you.

On this special day, you entered the world.

The beginning of the first chapter in which your novel begins.

All the paths of your future and your past began on this day.

This day is dedicated to you and your life.

On this day, we reminisce and relive the special moments along the way as part of who you are.

We loved you instantly, yet more strongly with every minute that passes.

So it is with joy and celebration that we embrace this day and celebrate the journey of who you are and who you dream to become.

Most of all we are thankful for the gift of you.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, baby girl. Thank you for the best year of my life!