This hallway -- it leads to the special care nursery at Missouri Baptist. After having Greta, I remained in the hospital for about a week while the doctor's worked on getting my blood pressure under control. Post-C-section, I slowly walked it multiple times a day to visit Greta. I was in a lot of pain from having my abs cut open and reassembled, but I would have ran this hallway, if I had to. It was like a race, and the prize awaiting at the end was far better than any gold medal or other honor.

This evening marks a year to the date, that I walked this long hallway for the last time.

Here we are, outside the hospital just before going to pick up Greta to bring her home!It was Sunday, July 20, 2008. I HAD to take my notorious "self-portrait" because I just HAD to document us as just two. In just a short time, we'd be three. We were so darn giddy that we were bringing home our baby!

A year ago tonight, we disconnected all the wires and monitors that Greta had been attached to for 14 days.

We carefully dressed her in a tiny preemie outfit about the size of Eric's hand. She didn't even weigh 5 pounds. We packed up all her little things, and we prayed she wouldn't cry on the ride home. (She didn't). I yelled at Eric the entire ride home. Of course. I sat in the back seat with Greta. I kept telling Eric to slow down. And to drive better. WE HAD A BABY IN THE CAR, DAMNIT.

Our camera broke while we were at the hospital packing up Greta. Anyone who knows me and how obsessed I am with photography knows that put me in a little tizzy.

Luckily, just before calling it quits, the camera went out with a bang. Here's one of my favorite photos of my entire life.

This message is scattered because I've written it so quickly. I've got a beautiful baby sleeping in her crib and a husband out on our deck, who is waiting with wine and cheese so that we can celebrate our little family at home.


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Unknown said...

Great blog as always! Isn't it hard to imagine that she was ever that tiny? I already have a hard time remembering with Kenley, and she hasn't been around nearly as long as Greta has! :)

Anonymous said...

Andrea, this made me cry! I'm glad I happened upon it! So sweet!