Self-photo of me and my one-and-only.
Date night @ The Cheesecake Factory.

When we first became parents,
several friends told us to remember to make time for US.
And to be honest, I really didn't get it.
I mean, of course we would make time for ourselves.
It's true though. We focus so much on Greta
and on work and on life and on everything else.
It's so easy to let things ride on cruise control.
Every time we do make time for "us,"
I'm reminded that we need to do it more often,
and I'm reminded why I love spending time with him.


Naqvee said...

wow.. really nice to have so many fotos round the year... loved Greta and her squeal...

Unknown said...

It's true! We all need to do it more often... Now that our kids are older, it's easier. But reality hits you - these kids are going to leave - and he will be here - and you want to get along! SO STILL LIVE IT UP!

reality is hard... my baby goes to college in a year... I am not ready to live it up with hubby. I want my baby boy back...

Anonymous said...

When Greta sees how much you love her daddy and love being with him, it makes her a happier little girl. And Greta looks like a happy little girl! You are doing it right!