I'm really kinda ashamed to post this photo.
(Or maybe I should be more embarassed
for even TAKING this photo!?!)
So, the idea of this little 365 project is to tell my story
over the course of a year by taking a photo each day.
Most photos are of Greta.
I cannot help that; I'm with her all day,
and she is my favorite thing to photograph, I must admit.
However, on this day, I thought I'd switch it up a bit
by posting this photo of the McDonald's drive-thru menu.
Sure, I have multiple photos of a smiling-Greta swinging at the park,
and those are so much sweeter and more inviting.
But, this photo sums up my life recently.
At 17 weeks pregnant, I don't have a huge appetite.
We can have a well-stocked fridge and pantry,
and I can't find a single thing that sounds good enough to eat.
What does sound good?
McDonald's McGriddle sandwiches.
Sausage, egg and cheese, to be exact.
The crap is scrumptiously delicious.
(And, that's what it is, CRAP. I know.)
My friend swears that McDonald's laces its food with crack
or something.
Everything there is addicting and tastes good.
At least to my unrefined pregnant palate.
I'm incredibly embarassed to admit that I'm proud to say
I've not eaten there yet this week.
(That's huge).


OCDena said...

I love this place and I am not prego... now that's an issue!

nmassie218 said...

I also LOVE this place when I'm pregnant and not pregnant :)