Good Afternoon!

This lovely bumpkin... took a nice long three-hour nap this afternoon, and when I went to go get her from her crib, THIS is what I was greeted with. That smile lights up my life and makes everyday life frustrations momentarily escape.

We're growing out her hair. At times the process is dreadful, like when she refuses to wear a hair bow or barrette to keep the shag out of eyes, and then she looks like a raggedy orphan. Other times, I absolutely love it, especially when she wakes up from a nap where she's slept so deep that she's gotten warm enough to make her hair do a slight flippy curl. I love the little wisps on the one side of her head.

Mmmmm, I find her absolutely delectable and scrumptious in moments like these, but I am struck by a wee bit of sadness that my baby girl is no longer a baby and is ... a toddler.