My 99th Photo of 2010!

This is my sisterwife, Cara.
We're not gay lovers, but we joke
that if our husbands ever died,
we'd move in together and get along just perfectly.

Cara is one of those friends who I love with all my heart.
I'd never tell her that though.
I don't want her to think she's that cool.
But, dude. She IS.

She's that friend I wish I'd had all my life
-- the friend I needed all my life --
but I didn't meet her until
we were planning our weddings six years ago.
I was her makeup artist for her wedding.
And it just goes to show you
that friendships happen so randomly
when and where you'd least expect it.

This is the woman who walked me through
the first few months of motherhood.
I'd call her and tell her that my milk was drying up,
that my boobs were broken and I was starving my baby. 
And this Milk Mama Pro would assure me that it wasn't
and that I needed to CHILL THE EFF OUT.
(Those weren't her words. She rarely cusses).
Her advice on
and dealing with life
has been priceless.

Seriously, my advice to new moms?
One who will listen to you bitch and understands you
and knows you're quirky and somewhat odd
but celebrates,relishes it and is fine with it.
(Or at least does an amazing job pretending to.)
Find a friend you can call at any time and ask
why your boobs are doing this,
and why your bum feels like that,
and is it normal to smell funny when you're....

She lays it on the line
talks me back from the ledge
puts me in my place.
She's like a tall cup of cold ice water, served in a funky glass
with a side dose of Xanax.

One word for Cara is
And I don't know how she does it.
I've got one chlid.
(3, 2 and 3 months. I'm not kidding.)
She always seems to have her shit together.
Without fail.

She recently brought home her newest addition, Violet.
I got to hold Violet for the first time today.
She's lucky I did not steal her and take her home with me.
I could have touched her sweet cheeks ALL DAY LONG.

At the end of the year, when I'm looking back
at this project of "365 Photos"
Violet will be a year old, and along with her sisters
getting into everything.
And I'll have a baby boy
and we'll come full circle once again
to me calling Cara with all my annoying new-mom questions.
Cara, I'm just warning you now...


OCDena said...

Awee.... that is so sweet... yet... very sad for Cara to have the burden of you. lol

JUST KIDDING... hahahahaaaa

It's great to have "that friend"

Makes you almost feel for the people who dont.

Sometimes I dont even have to talk, and my "sisterwife" will know exactly what I am needing or wanting to say or thinking... its a bond that is unexplainable...

Blessings to you two in this new year of change!!!