99/365 | 04-09-2010

That's how you win my heart.
(In case you wanted to know.)

In life, there are people who will never get you.
There are people who will try.
There will be those that don't dare to try.
And there are those that just do.
They get you.
And they like you.

This is one lesson I dread to teach my children.
Really, it's something that can't be taught.
That's why I dread it;
it's learned along the way.
Trial and error.
It sucks, but it's a fact of life.

The thing is...
even though the people that get you are rare,
they're such a complete blessing
whom you appreciate more
because they make the "ungetters" forgiveable.

And they win your heart
by the most simple act.
Those people are the tulip-givers.


nmassie218 said...

Beautifuly written and I couldn't agree more! XOXO