Chairs, Minivans (and Maybe a Man Slave?)

Laying around so much is driving me nuts. I just glanced down and thought my bra was my cat, Emmylou. For the record, I haven't had my cat for about three years. My brief hallucination made me miss her. I'm not a cat fan, but that sweet kitty sure was good for cozying up on the couch.

Note to self -- and to husband -- let's not purchase leather furniture ever.again. This leather couch, albeit lovely in appearance, is cold and uncomfortable. It's hard to sleep on, and I get a crick in my neck regardless of my position. It was nice when Greta was at the age where she spit-up exorcist-style multiple times a day, but I'd almost rather have a nasty, stained couch that is warm, comfortable and inviting. And, those big puffy recliners that I've always sworn off because they just didn't mesh well with my other decor? Well, shit. I need one. Or two. Have you ever sat in one of those? I sat in my neighbor's this evening, and I decided that I would never leave the T.V. room again if I had one of those puppies. Sure, they're about the size of an extended station wagon -- and about as stylish -- but I'm to the point in my life where sometimes you must opt for function and comfort over pretty and perfect.

Kind of like minivans. No one chooses to drive those things because they scream I'M SO COOL. No. A person drives a minivan for the accomodations: the ease of getting in and out, the spaciousness of the interior, the ability to park your kids' seats in the VERY BACK of the car FURTHEST from you. (Just kidding. Not really.) I'm not dogging on anyone with a minivan. Because if I were up for getting a new car, that is what I'd get. I'd be sure to get T.V. screens in the thing so I could go sit in it while its parked in the garage and enjoy its multitude of luxuries, in particular for the times when my hubs is monopolizing the one household television. And I'm not dogging on reclining puffy chairs either. I'm in the market for one right now. Actually, I'm in the market for anything that would make me and my life a bit comfier these days.


OCDena said...


I wanted to get one of the cute posh chairs everyone has... but knew comfort winsssss!