Mother's Day Wishes

I wish...

to sleep more than two consecutive hours;
to wake up feeling well-rested;
to shower in a room by myself, with enough time to
shampoo, condition, wash AND shave my legs;
to go poop without having to scream at a little runchkin to
to eat a meal while sitting down
and to remain seated for the entire duration of the meal.

I will...

most likely not shave my legs;
will grin & bare the tiredness of pregnancy and running after a toddler;
ignore the two peeping eyes watching me potty;
remind myself that one day she'll have no desire
to be held or to crawl on my lap or smother me with smooches
so for now, I'll set aside hopes of an uninterrupted meal.

Today, I will celebrate with this little pumpkin,
the girl who made me a mother.


Unknown said...

Fine, I wont stand in your bathroom anymore while you drop a load... I was just trying to finish my story...