Update: Nothing

I don't have a bladder infection.
My bloodwork shows no abnormalities with my platelets, liver enzymes, etc.
I'm still waiting to hear if my 24-hour pee collection showed anything.
My at-home blood pressure monitor has shown mildly elevated blood pressure,  but I personally think the thing is a piece-of-shit and isn't the same as a nurse or doctor reading it with their tried-and-true good ol' stethoscope.

I know, not very exciting, but this little update is easier than e-mailing back a gazillion people. (Who am I kidding -- I shouldn't flatter myself and even begin to think I have a gazillion friends who read this, but to the 18.3 that do - here's the scoop.)


nmassie218 said...

I read it!! I am glad nothing is showing up, I hope it was just a fluke. Although sometimes it's more frustrating for them to say nope nothing is wrong! Just take it easy, and let me know if I can do anything even if it is just to talk. I have been down this road many times now!

Kim said...

Thinking of you! I hope all is well...I'll keep checking the blog for updates!

OCDena said...

Well you do have a nurse a couple houses down from you who can take your BP anytime you need after 5pm!