Selfless Husband

I've been having more restful nights lately. Thank God. Otherwise, I was about to curl up in a ball under the kitchen table and vigorously rock myself into deeper oblivion. Instead, I began taking Ambien before bedtime, and I'm no longer a complete hateful butthole during the daytime. Thank you, too, to my husband who has donated our complete king-size bed to me and my enormous pregnancy pillow while he selflessly retires on the queen-size hard mattress in our spare bedroom.

God love him. So, earlier today, we're in the car driving, and I start complaining that I feel sick amd must eat something soon. Usually I carry almonds or a Nutrigrain bar in my console, but I'd recently depleted that stash. We ran through Taco Bell, and well, I am not a big fan of Taco Bell. Or Mexican food in general. But anyhoo. I ordered a bean burrito for me and cheese roll-ups for Greta, and Eric ordered a five-layer burrito and some other fine Mexican delicacy that I don't know the name. We got our order, and I started eating in the car because I was starving and feeling yucky -- and because it's just more of a treat to eat in the car than at home with a whining toddler-crawling up your leg. I asked Eric if he wanted a bite of my bean burrito, and he insisted I eat it and enjoy it on my own. And here's what's funny -- I, girl who doesn't like Taco Bell, kept commenting on how tasty my burrito was. Three bites remaining, I'm looking at the thing, thinking that there sure was a lot of cheese on it for a plain bean burrito. And then, I saw the beef. And I said to Eric, this thing has meat on it. And it dawned on him. He replied, "That's because you're eating MY FIVE-LAYER BURRITO."

Um, oops.


Nicole said...

BAHAHAHAHA This just made my day! Thanks! Oh and what a great husband you have!

Unknown said...

Andrea I think Eric was more fearful than anything!